20 Questions With Quark Henares

The filmmaker talks about the sights and sounds he likes to travel with.

20 Questions with Quark

1. Window or aisle seat? Window seat for short flights, aisle seat for long nights.

2. Best way to pass time on long flights? Thank you, Jesus, for downloadable Netflix episodes. I just binge seasons on the flight

3. Light or heavy packer? Light packer, especially when I know I’ll buy stuff during the trip!

4. Planned or spontaneous travel? Planned 95% of the time. But the 5% spontaneous ones are some of the most unforgettable

5. First leisurely thing you do at a new destination? Walk around. Always cool to get a feel of the place and the people

6. Preferred travel camera? iPhone! I bring my Canon 5D, though 

7. Hotels or hostels? Hotels

8. City, beach, mountains or countryside? Cities forever. I always hate going to the beach until I’m at the beach, then I love it. Countryside is also amazing though!

9. Best road trip music? I have a playlist on Spotify called “The ’90s: When Pop Music was AWESOME”. That usually gets everyone singing

10. What’s on your travel bucket list? El Nido

11. Best travel buddy? By the time you read this, she will be my wife, so… my wife, Bianca

12. How do you unwind in a new place? First thing I usually look for when I’m in a new country is the modern art museum

13. Last item purchased while traveling? The Botanist gin at the Singapore airport. Free tumbler!

14. Essentials when traveling? Neck pillow, noise-canceling headphones

15. Top tip for aspiring filmmakers? Stop being an aspiring filmmaker and just be a filmmaker. Everything you need is in your backpack and pockets

16. Dream cast you would love to direct? Parker Posey I think at this point in time it’s a possibility. And Jeff Goldblum!

17. Favorite movie of the decade? The Social Network

18. Current favorite playlist? “The Best Songs This Decade so Far” by me

19. Favorite album of the moment? Soccer Mommy’s Clean

20. Piece of clothing you never leave home without? Why Funny socks, so I keep myself amused even when they’re not usually seen

This article first appeared in the April 2019 issue of Smile magazine.

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