7 travel hacks that will improve your next beach holiday

Follow these tips and tricks that will take your next beach vacation to a whole new level

Beach holiday

Put your smartphone in a Ziploc bag

There’s no need to fork out cash for a fancy waterproof casing for your phone. Instead, simply place your device in a reusable, re-sealable zipper storage bag, and voilà — you’re good to go. The plastic’s usually thin enough for you to use your phone’s touchscreen, so you won’t even have to remove it from the bag.

Pack baby powder

Know how you sometimes end up spending ages brushing sticky sand from your skin? Next time, try sprinkling a little bit of baby powder on sand-covered areas and rubbing it into your skin. The sand will fall away more quickly, leaving you grain-free in no time. Bonus: you’ll also smell fresh and clean.

Control frizzy hair with coconut oil

Tame those frizzy and flyaway hair days with some coconut oil. Mix it with some water and spritz the concoction on your hair throughout the day to keep the situation under control. Coconut oil can also help with the detangling process.

Lighten hair with lemon juice

If you’re looking for a quick and pocket-friendly way to get those highlights, try lemon juice, which speeds up the sun’s natural ability to lighten hair. Simply comb some fresh lemon juice through your hair and go about your usual sunbathing business; two hours under the sun should do the trick. Too much lemon juice can dry out your mane, though, so consider adding hair sunscreen and other natural ingredients like cinnamon and chamomile to the mix.

Use a waterproof blanket

Beach towels get damp easily, and also blow away in strong winds. Consider waterproof blankets instead — they remain dry throughout the day, and are a little heavier than towels, so you’ll have an easier time keeping them in place.

Use aloe vera ice cubes to treat sunburn

Using aloe vera to treat sunburn isn’t a new trick. But to feel the difference more quickly, freeze aloe vera gel in ice cube trays and apply the ice to affected areas for (almost) instant relief.

Repel mosquitoes with creamy baby oil

Here’s a favorite trick among outdoor enthusiasts: if you can’t stand the smell of regular insect repellent, get a bottle of creamy baby oil instead. Not only does the solution keep those mozzies at bay, it also moisturizes your skin and leaves you smelling lovely.

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Samantha David

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