Style and substance: travel essentials and style tips from Cath Sobrevega

The celebrity stylist and jewelry designer is always ready for the weather, no matter where she is

You may not know her, but you’ve seen her work — A-listers like Julia Barretto, Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador, Sarah Geronimo and Jasmine Curtis-Smith wear her style. She’s also a jewelry designer and, like many of us, an avid traveler who takes inspiration from the places she goes to.

How did you get to become a celebrity stylist?

Cath: I started fresh out of college, helping a friend pull items for photoshoots because I had a car and she didn’t. I was then hired by Pam Quiñones and we worked together for eight years. I [then] decided to branch out and do my own thing.

What does travel mean to you?

Cath: Travel is my breather, especially when I need a break. It usually begins with the thought, “Wow, I need to leave.” I love the beach, I like new places and I’m someone who looks for a little adventure when I travel.

Does traveling provide inspiration that you can use in your work?

Cath: So much. Firstly, travel recharges me in a different way. I come back a new person. I also like people-watching. It’s hard not to get inspired by what you see; how people live their lives in their clothes.

Travel Essentials

Travel essentials of Cath Sobrevega1. Pocket makeup palette: “This has blush, contour and highlighter colors. It’s also tiny and fits everywhere.”

2. Reading material: “Travel involves a lot of waiting, so it’s great to have something to read in between.”

3. Tumbler: “I’m never without this. I believe in living sustainably, and I do get thirsty.” 

4. Face mist: “Essential for flying, especially when you start to feel dull and want to freshen up.”

5. Perfume: “It’s fresh and not too sweet — perfect for everyday use.”

6. Pocket WiFi: “I have it activated whenever I fly out of the country.

7. Disposable camera: “It’s a breather from my phone and a great way to capture moments whenever I want to.” 

8. Essential oils: “I always have a mix of a few wherever I go. These particular oils help keep me from getting sick during the rainy season.”

9. Power bank: “Who doesn’t have one of these?”

Get The Look

Cath tells us how to look fresh with layers amid Mother Nature’s dew and drops

Color splash
“If it’s gloomy out, adding one bright accessory, coat or top can make all the difference.”

In the trenches
“I wear some kind of trench coat, whatever the season. It looks cinematic and adds a special element to the look.”

These boots are made for walking

“They’re my go-to shoes. They’re easy to dress up or dress down, and they’re practical in most weather conditions.”

Get on trend

Cath talks us through the trends that are piquing her interest

Suit sets
“From pants to shorts, I feel like suit sets are empowering and make such a visual statement.”

Brilliant hues
“Embracing a vibrant, full-color look is a great departure from all the blacks, whites and nudes.”

Vintage prints
“They bring me back to the era of Sex and the City, when dressing up was fun, experimental and not too serious.”

The world’s fashion capitals

Cath offers destination inspiration on the world’s fashion capitals, old and new

Hong Kong

“It’s like a mini New York in terms of fashion — the practicality of having to go around the city but also serving a look.”

Tokyo, Japan

“I love the silhouettes of their everyday looks and I appreciate how they meld the modern with the traditional.”

Seoul, South Korea

“There’s a lot of cute, unapologetic girliness in Korea that I love. And we can’t forget K-pop!”

This article first appeared in the July 2019 issue of Smile magazine.

Written by

Gabbie Tatad

Photographed by

Lucky Leoparte

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