Head into the great outdoors with the Cauldryn Coffee smart mug

Elevate your camping trips with this multi-purpose travel mug

Are you headed into the great outdoors? Perfect for camping and days out, the Cauldryn Coffee smart mug (US$130) is from the makers of the first travel mug to boil water from a rechargeable battery, but it can also do a lot more than that:


Say goodbye to single-use plastic items. At its most basic, this reusable “smart flask” is a 16-ounce vacuum-sealed cup that can maintain liquid temperatures  for up to 10 hours, keeping drinks cool or hot for way longer than disposable plastic cups, most of which end up unrecycled.

Be your own barista

Fancy grinding your own coffee beans and brewing your own coffee? There are a few accessories that can be attached to the base of the mug: One is a blender for either grinding coffee beans or mixing drinks and crushing ice, and there’s also a coffee percolator. Coming soon is a Bluetooth speaker module for streaming music from a phone, and a screw-on lantern that zaps bugs.

Refuel on the go

There are various batteries and power-up options available for the Cauldryn Coffee, from a plug-in base (which doubles as a desktop “power coaster” for keeping a drink warm) to both small and large portable batteries. As well as providing extra power for heating more drinks and food, the large battery has a couple of USB outputs that can be used to recharge smartphones and tablets.

Travel-friendly design

Thanks to a screw-on, screw-off design, the main liquid storage area resembles little more than a metal tube when it’s not in use, so it’s easy to clean, while the lid is both reliable and easy to remove. At 267mm tall (with the battery attached), the Cauldryn Coffee is reasonably large, and weighing in at 748g with a plethora of accessories to choose from, it’s better for car camping than backpacking.

The right temperature

Cooking on gas is a pain. As well as having to hunt for refills, you cannot take gas canisters on planes. That doesn’t apply to the Cauldryn Coffee, whose massive battery can boil water, heat up soup and cook food in the mug. You do have to open the spout slightly to stop the pressure building up, but it’s not a problem. A small display on the side tells you the temperature of the contents in either °F or °C.

This article first appeared in the June 2019 issue of Smile magazine.

Written by

Jamie Carter

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