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There's a lot of good journalism out on the Internet about the good things happening in the world, if you just know where to look.

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The world may be opening up slowly, but a majority of people (Smile team included) are still staying safe by staying at home. Needless to say, we’re still also giving a lot of our time — if not more — to our workstations and the Internet. For the ones among you, who are working and trying to keep up with the planet’s goings-on, we’ve put together a list of the web’s happier nooks, for uplifting news and updates. These portals keep their posts spaced out — perfect for readers who prefer not to be overwhelmed yet would like to enhance their media consumption experience. Our selection covers social media and the general web and is accessible across popular apps and platforms.

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Collective Evolution and Collective Spark

Both Collective Evolution and Collective Spark address current issues, discussions and happenings — that have been sidelined by the mainstream media — and offer thoughtful, balanced insight. They cover stories on health and wellbeing (with nuggets of wisdom thrown in), health, the environment, science and technology, history and archaeology, and more.

Facebook: @CollectiveEvolutionPage; @CollectiveSparkSite
Instagram: @collective_evolution; @collectivespark
Twitter: @collectiveevol; @collectivesprk


The Happy Broadcast

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The indigo insect was last spotted in central Florida in 2016, five years after it was first identified. But this spring, just as Americans began to hunker down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rare blue bees, known scientifically as Osmia calaminthae, were rediscovered in the same region. Chase Kimmel of the Florida Museum of Natural History confirmed the bees’ survival in March. Although Kimmel currently doesn’t have a good estimate of how many blue calaminthas remain in the wild, he remains hopeful that the brightly colored bee will make a comeback in the coming years.⁣ ⁣ “It’s one thing to read about habitat loss and development and another to be driving for 30-40 minutes through miles of orange groves just to get to a really small conservation site,” Kimmel said. “It puts into perspective how much habitat loss affects all the animals that live in this area.” Source: Smithsonian Magazine (link in bio) #thehappybroadcast #bee #bluebee #nature #climatechange #wildlife #savethebees

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The Happy Broadcast (by popular Italian illustrator Mauro Gatti) delivers “anxiety-free news” in the form of bright, endearing graphics and short quotes — longer summaries in IG captions or expandable entries on their Tumblr-hosted website — which is oftentimes all you need to get a burst of good vibes.

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The Holistic Psychologist

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One of our great collective addictions is the addiction to chaos. We’re conditioned in these environments from childhood. So, our unconscious mind + trauma body is always seeking it to feel at “home.” We seek the familiar, all humans do. Chaos is really a blanket term for feeling activated. Emotionally activated. Physically activated. A chemical response in the body we can become dependent on. It can involve gossip, drama, uncertainty, + judgement. Our entertainment is created around it. Our music. It’s so normal to us, if we aren’t conscious, we may not be aware of the hold it has on us. Chaos is the ultimate distraction from ourselves. From our own shadow + ego. From our own unresolved trauma. We get to feel “alive” while at the same time we get to avoid our pain. The perfect coping mechanism. At our core, most of us are so deeply disconnected from ourselves + others. We are so desperate for connection that most of our relationships are found within that familiar chaos. As we evolve + become conscious we have awareness around our own patterns + behavior or unconsciously seeking this familiar. Then, we have to practice. Intensely practice. My future self journal practice has involved being peace for over 2 years. And I’ll be the first to admit that it feels boring, dull, + unfamiliar before it begins to feel like freedom. I’ve used the mantra “I choose peace instead of this” more times than I can count. Healing from this cycle of emotional addiction allows us to regain the skill of consciously placing our awareness on things we choose. This is where our power lies. Once we have the skill of placing our awareness where we choose, we have access to new responses. Or no responses at all. When our peace is a priority, we show up differently. From a space of clarity. And love. And lack of resentment. Chaos is home, until we choose to move. You are worthy of peace, but you’ll need to practice #selfhealers

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Dr Nicole LePera, the self-styled holistic psychologist, shares fitting-for-the-times, self-healing anecdotes that are backed by science and personal experience. She offers short statements and mental and emotional checklists in the form of simple, graphic posts. She shares guided meditation clips and offers a ‘healing texts’ service too. All in all, concise and comforting.

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An established online publication, mindbodygreen is led by a group of medical and holistic practitioners and expounds on the “mental, physical, emotional and environmental aspects of well-being”, in a connection of “soul and science”. Topics covered include mindfulness, movement, social good, parenting and relationships. The mbg team also acknowledges mainstream conversations and responds in a compassionate, nurturing way.

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Positive News

The Positive News team describes its platform as a magazine (print and online) “for good journalism about the good things that are happening [in the world]”. The co-op, owned by 1,500 readers and journalists from 33 countries, focuses on reporting that reflects “progress, possibility and solutions” and works to create content that is also part of a movement to elevate the general media atmosphere. Positive News covers stories on society, environment, lifestyle, science and economics, and more.

Instagram: @positivenewsuk
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