5 useful travel tips for female backpackers

A female backpacker on a hill

Pack light…

A rule of thumb when backpacking is to bring only the bare minimum. Will you really need your great-grandmother’s heirloom earrings, or several hats? Be practical and stock up on light cotton clothing and a windbreaker instead (of course, this also depends on the climate of the country you’re visiting). One of the fun things about backpacking is that you are forced to make do with what you have — it’s all part of the experience!

…but don’t forget the essentials

Backpacking solo can be grueling at times, so always keep a bottle of water handy. Remember to bring a first aid kit, too, especially if you’re planning on sampling street food (anti-diarrheal medicines are a must).

Use disposables whenever possible

If you’re planning to backpack for more than a week, be sure to grab a few packs of disposable underwear from your nearest drugstore. They’re affordable and comfortable to wear. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about doing (regular) laundry.

Stay connected

Digital detoxes are growing in popularity, but going off the grid when traveling alone can prove to be catastrophic if you’re not careful. You shouldn’t compromise your own safety and security just to have a tale to tell.

Instead, carry a pocket WiFi router, buy a SIM card at your destination, or sign up for a data roaming plan with your local telco. Having access to apps like Google Maps is tremendously useful for navigating foreign territory. You’ll also be able to get help more easily during an emergency.

Opt for female-only accommodation

Apart from safety reasons, you’ll also get to meet other female travelers on the road. Based on my own backpacking experience, it’s more fun to share your stories with the same gender.

One of the best things about traveling solo as a female is the confidence you’ll gain. Apart from having the freedom to embark on your own adventures, you’ll also learn valuable lessons that come with hitting the road alone. Happy travels!

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Mikka Wee

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