6 new spots to see at Hong Kong’s Wyndham Street

Say hello to the renewed Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts, the city’s largest heritage revitalization project to date along the Central Police Station

Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage & Arts

Quick take: A walk through time

The details: Keen to visit the cells of Victoria Prison and the Central Magistracy? Explore the complex’s dedicated heritage storytelling spaces — a collection of eight historic areas, each with its own story

Must-have souvenir: A photo of yourself behind bars — yikes, but why not?


LockCha Tea House

Quick take: Dim sum and tea accessories

The details: Known for serving vegetarian dim sum and fair-trade Chinese tea, LockCha Tea House is a long-time favorite

Must-have souvenir: High-quality Chinese tea and ceramic teaware


Yuen’s Tailor

Quick take: Custom and classic fits

The details: If you’re in the market for handsome British garb — or a Scottish tartan kilt — then make a beeline for Yuen’s. With more than 40 years of experience, the master tailors will create a bespoke style or replicate your favorite design

Must-have souvenir: A bespoke suit that will last a lifetime


Loom Loop

Quick take: Sustainable style

The details: Inspired by forgotten fabrics from Guangzhou, Loom Loop incorporates gorgeous heritage silks, plant-based dyes and artisan techniques. Drawing from this eco-friendly ethos, the Hong Kong designers create contemporary Chinese-style tops, dresses and accessories

Must-have souvenir: A Chinese silk gilet (a light, sleeveless padded jacket) or a unique backpack


Harrison Wong

Quick take: Modern threads

The details: Local designer Harrison Wong is known for edgy, urban menswear that draws inspiration from graffiti and Abstract Expressionism. In this new boutique, Wong will also incorporate women’s looks into the mix

Must-have souvenir: A sleek, fitted overcoat or oversized sweatshirt from the Fall/Winter collection


. . .

The Old Bailey restaurant

Recently debuting inside Tai Kwun, Old Bailey cooks up Jiangnan cuisine in an artsy environment. Yangzhou-born chef Wong Kwan Man shares some insider tips about the menu

What are the hallmarks of Jiangnan cuisine?

Jiangnan refers to the large region south of the Yangtze River and the cuisine tends to have a sweeter palate, with a focus on clean, light flavors.

What do you usually eat it with?

Staple condiments include aged vinegars, pickled ingredients and fermented foods.

Any signature dishes?

The mala xiaolongbao is our creative interpretation of the traditional soup dumpling. We mix beetroot juice into the wrapper dough and add Sichuan peppercorn and spices to the filling, which gives it a nice
but slightly numbing spicy kick.

And for groups?

Try our Ten Treasure Duck, which is a twist on the classic Shanghainese Eight Treasure Duck and one of our most labor-intensive dishes. Just be sure to order it 24 hours in advance.


This article first appeared in the October 2018 issue of Smile magazine.

Written by

Kate Springer

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