Read Your Horoscopes for the First Half of May 2020

As the waves of life ebb and flow, and as the waters breach your personal islands, it’s becoming clear — for some of you, at least — that there’s light at the end of the tunnel (aka home confinement). For now, the universe continues to push you to respond (flow) and not react (resist).

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Illustration by Sasha Martinez.


(Ace of Wands / 7 of Roses: The Journey)
As the lockdown continues, you may find yourself living life to a new rhythm, with adjusted routines — all in all a great birthday season achievement, considering the circumstances. It seems as if, with the help of certain external conditions, you’ve also settled into a mode of incubation and could soon feel ready to close out certain projects or life chapters; you’re getting ready to pivot in a different direction. This feels heart- and passion- led and may be about you going beyond your comfort zone; this may be a career change or different use of your creativity. Whatever the path looks like, know that you’re being nudged toward new explorations and adventures and you have the support of the universe.


(The Hierophant / 6 of Forces: The Waterfall)
With life going slower than you would like, you’re being guided to align, ground down and adjust to a new kind of equilibrium. This advice is especially for you if you have anxiety or feel like your mind is going a mile a minute. You’re being guided toward awareness, clarity and understanding of your personal force and power (being more heart-centered) — you, like all others, are a channel and vessel for information, but you are not your thoughts. You’re a dynamo, connected to the universe — or higher, divine knowledge — via psychic, telepathic pathways and are gifted with a mental and emotional filter that manifests as inner quiet, clear listening and discernment. All intention extends from the quality of this internal relationship and you’re urged at this time to commit to fine-tuning and mastering your inner world.


(Ten of Pentacles / 8 of Scrolls: Paths Unknown)
Up until recently, you could have been partial to the safer, familiar routes in life, in love and in work. While prior choices may have led to much happiness, satisfaction and abundance, you may now feel to be in limbo, contemplating “where to?” and “what happens next?”. There’s a sense that a shift is imminent — your openness to new experiences is going to be key to bringing this forth — and it’ll be good to bear in mind that your present well-being may be expanded. Things can get better than they are now. As your options come into view, slide first into a mode of appreciation. For the opportunities that appear out of left field, it’ll serve you better to see them as new avenues instead of threatening pathways. At the end of the day, no matter the decision, there are going to be takeaways that add to your knowledge of what this — existence — all is.


(Ace of Cups / The Queen of Forces)
Have you felt buffeted by intense emotions, in a bubble (or a birth canal), and now feel pushed out anew into the world? If so, there’s affirmation of expansion in your emotional sphere. This could relate to new feelings, love or relationships (or all of the above) within the self or with others. There’s a focus here on the mastery of feminine energy — everyone has masculine and feminine aspects — which may relate to a fiery, passionate personality. This could be all you, on the path to feeling equilibrium and new levels of empowerment — a combination of openness, patience, awareness, flexibility and compassion, with a good dose of focus and structure; or it could be a new love interest who possesses these qualities. The internal view is that opportunities that enable you to build on these attributes are incoming. And you can forge ahead in the knowing that this growth is perfectly timed for you.


(Queen of Swords / 4 of Forces: Spring/Autumn)
There’s guidance that the current season is growing you mentally and emotionally. If this is true for you, there may already be shifts in the way you communicate and manage your social interactions — you’re bolder, yet candid, with a sense of humor; you’re receptive, yet careful, discerning and independent. And whether or not this is felt by the people you connect with, know that these changes are serving you on your journey. You’re coming into more stability. There’s a sense that this is also a period of preparation; your attention and creativity are required in the sifting and sieving, and paving of a path toward your next material harvest. Listen and flow with the universe as it moves now, and if you can, feel into the knowing and satisfaction that all is well — you’ll prime yourself to reap the best of what you’ve sown.


(The Moon / 8 of Forces: The Lightning Bolt)
This may feel to be a dark and intense time for you, but the immediate guidance is that things do not have to continue this way — there is a lighter, easier approach to matters and situations. For the ones who relate to this outlook, you’re being shown that the light and shadow aspects of the self — yin and yang; love/compassion and anger/vengeance; peace and fear/shame; and more — work in concert to bring equilibrium. Avoidance of difficult emotions, in relation to tricky or complex situations, may have led you to where you are now. To continue putting off the inner work — understanding and embracing your shadows — is to invite more discomfort into the journey. It may also help at this time to release what no longer serves you. This could come in the form of separation or dissolution of a connection. In all this, remember the only way out is through.


(Eight of Pentacles / 5 of Keys: Wishes Fulfilled)
If there’s one sign that has taken this global slowdown in stride, and read it as a call to adapt, hunker down and keep going, it’s you Scorpio. You seem almost unperturbed as you sit in ease and patience, while keeping your vision bright. This is set to pay off tremendously, soon, in a physical way. The outcome feels like welcome change that could come in the form of increased finances and assets — perhaps in the way of strengthening your life foundations? No matter how this plays out, it can be read as affirmation of your clear intention — the universe gives you a pat on the back and encourages you to keep at it.


(The Tower / The King of Forces)
Have you had unsettling feelings around a masculine character in your life? It feels as if the presence of a strong, charismatic and upfront person has caused you to feel shaken or threatened. If this isn’t the case, then the universe asks that you consider the upset to be resistance on your part, as you navigate your evolutionary journey. An event, concerning you and/or this other person, may have revealed the wobbliness of your mental and emotional foundations, and in turn, shown you your space for growth. Circumstances have unfolded in a way to stretch your capacity for understanding and compassion. Also, if this concerns another person, there’s guidance that they are one of many supportive elements on your path — they have their own challenges and your journeys have simply criss-crossed for a time. Coming at things with empathy may help reframe your approach — this person can easily be a friend, partner, lover or foe.


(Seven of Swords / 6 of Keys: Increscent Moon)
It feels like, in your navigation of these unpredictable times, you’ve had to dig deep into your resources and use every trick in the book to get things moving. To some, this may have demonstrated courage, bravery, resourcefulness and adaptability; to others, this may have come off dodgy, risky, dangerous or even manipulative. With positive intent and action, there’s no need to concern yourself with the polarizing views — you do you. And the universe offers affirmation — this is a time of quiet building (or rebuilding), as you move toward higher fulfilment in your creative process and financial situation. This also feels to be a healing season; divine guidance is available to you should you be open to it.


(Four of Swords / 2 of Keys: The Treasure)
For some of you, your current internal climate may feel heavy with stress, anxiety and/or disappointment — this overwhelm may stem from a recent situation of loss in work, in love or in your daily life. Most of the ones who resonate with this state of being seem to be on the mend — taking things easy; meditating in solitude; getting clarity; learning to let go; and more. For those who do not feel to be a part of this group, you’re called to see that no external force can take away your inner strength, gifts and sovereignty — that’s you and a part of you. All other physical embellishments are temporary or beyond your control. The light and stability you seek in this time of pain or darkness lies within — it is a matter of practicing how to tune in and how to sit in that feeling, so that it turns into a foundation and a knowing. You can do this.


(The Sun over the Five of Pentacles / 14: Initiation and the Count St. Germaine)
There’s resounding guidance that this season offers many Pisceans the opportunity to level up to a new state of mind and being. This evolved form sees many of you anchored in clarity and knowledge of the self, as part of a collective. There’s emphasis on the fact that we’re all one; the work of one impacts and grows the all in a continuous fashion (in progress toward something that can be thought of as a giant record of all events and learnings). The knowledge of the collective, in a spiritual sense, can be understood to be accessible and continuously expanding. If this information doesn’t make sense for you, then it may be feasible to begin with the notion that you’re not alone. Your sensitivity and compassion — your gifts — may lead you easily into non-nurturing partnerships that drain you energetically or see you meandering into stagnancy and emotional loneliness. In this case, higher awareness, focus and accountability will be helpful in lifting you out of heavy situations. The goal is to be able to see the bigger picture, and express empathy and assist others on your own terms.


(The Star / 10: The Light of the World)
The universe is ushering you into a season of accelerated spiritual growth. There’s acknowledgement that you’re on the path to mental and emotional equilibrium, with more to go in that respect; at the same time, you’re asked to anticipate the expansion that lies further ahead on your evolutionary journey. You may be keyed in enough to the workings of the energetic world around you to catch on to synchronicities (incidents that signal a deeper/higher intelligence at work) in your daily life — signs, numbers and events that affirm your high-flying thoughts and intents, as well as serve as signposts for when you ask for guidance and direction. Perhaps the idea now is to further awaken and fine-tune your intuition — feel to know, instead of think to know; close your eyes (inward focus and meditation) to see with your third eye (to feel the infinite, higher knowledge that is available to you).

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Kimberley Koo

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