Read Your Horoscopes for the Second Half of May 2020

The tail end of May is all about metamorphosis. In this season of quiet, you’re energetically supported as you adjust, incubate, gestate, and find faith and clarity.

Metamorphosis is a quiet process — think about the caterpillar that emerges from its cocoon as a butterfly, or the seed that emerges from the soil as a shoot — that requires no validation. Besides a suitable climate, nothing external is needed to spark inner work into transformation. The universe affirms that this season of quiet has a similar tone – you’re energetically supported as you adjust, incubate, gestate, and find faith and clarity.

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(Ace of Wands; 1: Undecided; Love)
For those who resonated with their previous reading, this outlook feels like a continuation. Regardless of how the journey appears, there’s affirmation for the decisions you’ve made. You’re making headway on the path toward a new beginning. For some of you, it feels as if there’s doubt, anxiety or indecision over certain matters. You’re encouraged to see around the fog and understand that your heart (or higher self) knows the way — in other words, foster a clear mind and go with your gut. There’s an additional reminder here that the universe’s support manifests as part of a mirror effect — it enforces what you know and gives you more of that which you perceive and understand (your hopes and desires). It isn’t a reach then to say that you should be careful with what you allow into your consciousness.


(Seven of Wands; 15: Improvement; Mystery)
If you related to your message for the first half of the month, this reading may further illuminate things. Firstly, there’s acknowledgment of your intention to understand and calm the inner waters, your inner flow. This shift may result in an expansion of your comfort zone, or it may ask you to flex a mental-emotional muscle that you haven’t used in a while (for example, exercising perception of the microcosm, versus the macrocosm). While there may be the intention for change, you may, understandably, feel some unease. Secondly, as you shift your gaze, you’re being asked to embrace the element of surprise — of the good, nurturing kind — as well as infinite possibilities. It’s OK to not know, in exact terms, everything about the events unfolding around you. Instead, you could lean into neutrality and the fact that different angles to each situation exist. After all, we’re looking upon the world as its new form takes shape.


(Seven of Pentacles; Two of Pentacles: 7: Will get back together; The Void)
It appears circumstances have allowed you to take a step back — you have a clear view of the opportunities and responsibilities that lie before you. You could be contemplating your path and achievements, and the steps you’re ready to take to move you closer to your desires. For the ones feeling stress and uncertainty, the universe affirms that things are coming together nicely. It may not look like it now, but all is as it should be; your journey is allowing you to find yourself — and in doing so find others that match your energy — so that you may write new adventures. What may be perceived as dark and scary at this time could simply be a blank slate waiting to be filled by you.


(Knight of Cups; 10: Communication problems; 3: Avoidance – 13: Likes you romantically; 9: Business; 4: Texting – Energy)
It feels like a group of you are on an emotional train — if this makes sense for you, pause here and read your outlook for the first half of May — and this has gotten you fired up in a few ways. There’s passion, excitement and motivation — to reach out to someone (at work?) in a romantic way — coupled with repression, discomfort and avoidance, and the dredging up of feelings over past or existing communication issues. For those with a love interest in mind, there’s guidance that it’s safe to ride this swell of positive emotion to make contact — even if just by texting. The feelings may be mutual. If anything, this could be an opportunity for healing and transformation. Address and resolve the tension and/or emotional strife that holds you back from life’s riches.


(Two of Swords; 4: Just busy; 3: Unresolved; Womb)
There’s a sense that from taking charge and moving forward with compassion and confidence, some of you have found yourselves in a place where you’re compromising your integrity and principles. In your giving and service to others — perhaps for a specific cause — work has quickly taken over and shrouded your view of your own inner work and growth. Where are you going with this? There feels to be a limbo and indecision. You’re asked to look upon your original, heart-based intent and creative purpose: What drives you, is enjoyable, meaningful and fulfilling to you, and how can you shift yourself into a lane that leads you there?


(Four of Swords; 9: Business; Passion; Anger)
For some of you, a period of emotional turbulence may be phasing out — you could be settling into a contemplative mood, processing and internalizing the pain of a heated clash. As you sit in your thoughts and feelings — this situation could concern a work or marriage partner — you’re getting to grips with the aftermath and possible new reality of the connection. And as you root around for stability, initial feelings of grief, depression and insecurity may be spiraling up toward jealousy, rage and anger (see emotional guidance scale; 1, 2 ). In all this, you may be taking a practical and realistic view of things, and this has proven helpful in settling the emotions and likely confusion. The added assurance here is that you’re dealing with your turmoil head-on — you’re feeling better and climbing back to equilibrium, one mood at a time. Hang in there — you’ll come out of this.


(Five of Swords; 15: Stuck on an ex; Nourish)
There’s confirmation here that for some of you, something heavy is weighing on the mind. Feelings of discomfort, frustration or abandonment could stem from a recent situation of conflict or betrayal, with a previous romantic partner. If this is true for you, you’re being called to reflect on how your own behavior has played into this outcome — was there miscommunication, lack of communication or a toxic dynamic? The universe comes in with the reminder that hurt people hurt people — there needs to be a healing and nurturing of the self, so that nourishment and wholeness can manifest in your relationships. Take any alone time now to understand the parts of you — such as your inner child — that need some TLC.


(Ten of Wands; 12: It’s not over yet; Death)
Has this current season of your life felt tiring and long-drawn-out? The universe acknowledges that you’ve plowed through and are about to see and feel the fruits of your labor — you’re arriving at your next jumping-off point. In the meantime, as you see out the final leg of this journey, you’re asked to reflect on how transformative the process has been: How have you expanded in the way you think and feel, and how have you grown as a person? With perspective, any path can feel like an adventure of self-discovery — a refinement of your worldview and priorities. It’s not all about physical gains. For now, there’s just a bit more stretching, bending and flexing to go. You got this!


(Four of Pentacles; 1: Going to contact you; Caution)
In these coming days, the ones among you who happen to be dealing with monetary matters and/or movement of assets, will do well to lean in on your shrewdness and street-smarts. Not many of you need to hear this, really — your instincts around stability and security have kicked in — but the notion could be a timely reminder for those who find themselves rushed or teetering back and forth on offers or propositions. These decision-making situations may arise at work or in your personal life. You’re guided to look beyond the material results and listen to your gut — does anything feel off? — as you go forward.


(Knight of Swords; 12: Not having sex – 14: Sexual desires  – Growth)
There’s a brashness about you that’s coming through as flighty emotions and/or erratic movement. This, together with the stubborn and overbearing qualities in a few of you, may combine to throw your close companions off or send mixed signals. For a certain group, this unsettled behavior has to do with one or a few romantic interests, which may lead to added worry, troubles and instability. You’re guided to see that you’re in the middle of a growth phase — you’re discovering who you are, who/what you resonate with and perhaps, who turns you on. Grasping your inner workings and getting a grip on things will serve you well, but you’re also asked to approach your circumstances with neutrality, openness and curiosity. Just one extra tip: The benefits of commitment to the self (for now) exceed that of commitment to another.


(Six of Swords; 2: Long term; 1: Insecure – 14: Increased money – Illumination)
There’s a sense of both weariness and wariness in you this season — the effects of perhaps a trying or turbulent chapter that has just closed out. The result of prior lessons may include clarity in the heart and mind and/or a physical move to a place that offers space and better flow. Here, the universe affirms that change can feel foreign, shaky and scary. It’s all a part of leveling up. At this point, you could also feel pushed to rewrite your life road map — something that has been floppy or non-existent, or quite concrete just a short while ago. As you go about this, you’re advised to do up the goalposts but go easy on the details. As you get less stuck into how things come together, you get out of your own way and invite in lightness and a multitude of joyful, learning opportunities.


(The Hanged Man; 3: Soulmate; Balance)
Encountering misalignment in the personal or romantic relationship sphere? You’re urged to take pause in a place of release and surrender. It’ll be helpful for you to step outside of yourself and your situation, to consider the various angles/facets of your current manifestation(s). There needs to be some accountability here. You may then have an easier way into healing and balancing your personal energies, which feels quite key at this time. For single folk, you’re asked to relax, let go of control and respond (or flow; allow solutions to surface). For paired folk, you’re urged to release yourself from feelings and patterns of behavior that have kept you stuck, stagnant or desensitized. The aim in all this is to first reconcile who you are and what you desire in life, so that you may enjoy experiences and relationships that reflect the same kind of clarity, friskiness and equilibrium.

*For entertainment purposes only — take what resonates!
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Written by

Kimberley Koo

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