Get the (beach) party started with this new portable speaker

Sony offers to make your outdoor adventure more fun

Are you happy with your portable speaker? Palm-sized Bluetooth speakers have been all the rage for the last few years, but few are capable of getting a party started. Cue Sony’s bold new GTK-PG10 (US$250), a high-powered speaker designed for beach barbecues, picnics and camping trips.

Travel-friendly. Its Bluetooth connectivity means you don’t have to carry cables, but the PG10 itself is designed to be moved. As a 33x38x30cm cube with built-in handles, it’s easy to get it into position — but at 6.7 kg, it’s also one for the back seat of a car. However, when you reach your destination, the PG10 can be placed anywhere, even on a tripod.

Sing for your supper. Once you’ve listened to all of your favorite tunes, why not flex your vocal cords? An input on the side of the PG10 allows you to hook up a microphone for some karaoke with friends and family. Another handy input on the PG10 is a USB slot that lets you wire up a phone, tablet or laptop, and even insert a USB memory stick loaded with MP3 music files.

Power play. With two tweeters and a big subwoofer built in, power is the name of the game for the PG10. In addition to playing music over Bluetooth from any smartphone, the PG10 also has an FM radio tuner. It even has a football commentary mode if you want to follow the match in optimum sound quality. Inside is a rechargeable battery that lasts for 13 hours, which can also be used to refuel your smartphone in an emergency.

Party mode. Here comes the PG10’s real party trick. Fold out the top panels and the built-in tweeters face upward and outward, increasing their radius for outdoor parties. Do that and a digital signal processor automatically goes into outdoors mode, adapting the audio settings for wide-open spaces and projecting sound forward, so you get clarity as well as volume. It creates an impressive noise.

Hold my beer. Who takes a table to the beach? With the PG10, there’s no need for furniture because, when in outdoor party mode, those foldout panels double as a handy surface for placing food and drink. That might seem strange for a speaker, but its four cup holders embedded into the foldout panels are really useful. Luckily, the PG10 is splash-proof for those inevitable spillages.

This article first appeared in the April 2019 issue of Smile magazine.

Written by

Jamie Carter

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