A handy guide to tourist refund schemes in Asia


Spend at least: AU$300 in a single receipt
Refund: 10% GST
Where to claim: Tourist Refund Scheme facility at the airport
How to claim: Present the goods you purchased together with the original tax invoice, your passport and boarding pass. Find details at goo.gl/gBSJG9.


Shop at: Stores with the Global Blue tax free logo
Spend at least: ¥10,801 for general products, or ¥5,401 for consumables in a single receipt
Refund: 8% VAT
Where to claim: Tax-free counter or customer services desk in stores
How to claim: After making a payment, take all the items you purchased to the tax-free counter or customer service desk in store, and present them together with your receipts and passport. Go to goo.gl/m90L0M for more information.


Shop at: Stores with “Tax Free” signs
Spend at least: S$100 in up to three receipts per store
Refund: 7% GST
Where to claim: Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS) kiosks at the airport
How to claim: Apply for your refund at the eTRS kiosk. You can collect your refund in cash or have it credited to your credit or debit card. See goo.gl/eLGhGb for more information.

South Korea

Shop at: Stores with Tax Free logos
Spend at least: KRW30,000
Refund: 10% VAT
Where to claim: Service desks at the airport or tax refund booths at major department stores. See goo.gl/Df3tpm for the complete list.
How to claim: Have your boarding pass and purchased goods ready. Fill out a tax refund application form, then show your purchased items to the customs officer, or use a kiosk machine. See goo.gl/eMzqaF for details.


Shop at: Stores listed at goo.gl/Yq9hCU
Spend at least: NT$3,000
Refund: 5% VAT
Where to claim: Customer Service counters at the airport
How to claim: Complete a VAT refund application form and present it with the goods, your passport and boarding pass at the counter. After customs inspection, you get a certificate; show it to the designated bank at the airport to collect your refund. Go to goo.gl/QsLcmg for more details.

This article originally appeared in the November 2016 issue of Smile magazine.

Written by

Kat Mateo

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